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Pet Rescue Groups

As we know, when natural disasters strike, many beloved critter-friends are left homeless right here in Los Angeles, home of Center-Sinai Animal Hospital. This plight is echoed in communities around the country, and the world. And of course, some pets are also abandoned, or lose their homes for other reasons.

While no one person can save them all, providing a home for just one of these deserving bundles of love is a wonderful step forward in helping solve the problem.

If you have just lost one of your own dear furry companions (or feathery, or other sort of beloved pet), or simply want to find a new cat, dog, bird, or slinky family member to love — and be loved by — we urge you to go to a rescue group. They are dedicated people and help worthy pets and people find each other.  You’ll not only be finding a lovely addition to your family, but you’ll also be making room for the organization to provide help to another animal who sorely needs shelter, food, and attention. 

Please call or text us at (310) 559-3770 for more information about the rescue groups that we work with.

Center Sinai Animal Hospital