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Discounted Vaccination Packages
and Low Cost Clinics

Save money on preventative and ongoing health care with Center-Sinai Animal Hospital’s ongoing low-cost clinics for pets. Recommended vaccination packages are available seven days a week!

PLEASE NOTE:  For Your Pet’s Health
All pets coming in for vaccinations must have had an exam at our facility within the past year.

Puppy/Adult Dog

(Two months +)
Kitten/Adult Cat

(Two months +)
DHPP and Bord

Contact the office for prices

Contact the office for prices

$uper $aver Vaccination Clinic

Offered the Second Sunday of Every Month

Puppy/Adult Dog Kitten/Adult Cat
DHPP (4-in-1) FVRCP
Bordetella FeLV
Rabies Rabies

Super Saver Dental Clinic

Offered Every Thursday

Please call for information and an appointment.

Super Saver Spay and Neuter Clinics

Offered Every Wednesday. Please call for an appointment.


Pet Lover

Join us in supporting spay-neuter programs in California. Click the link above to find 3 different options for your own license plate. Proceeds provide funding for spay-neuter programs across California. 


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