Emily and Dr. Carrillo are Precious Gems!

Testimonial to Dr. Baum, Emily and Dr. Carrillo for all the 'care, attention and expertise' in treating Maddie Cat

Dear Dr. Baum,

On behalf of Pauline Stout, her beloved Maddie and her two remaining “kids,” Poncho and Marley, I want to thank you for all your care, attention and expertise in helping Maddie.

I still don’t know what caused her fur to peel away as it did at the end, but I do know that it was the correct choice to make in letting her go and not to suffer.

If there is a heaven, and I hope there is, and that we are reunited with our loved ones as well as our four legged “children,” then I know that Pauline was greeted by one very happy kitty who immediately jumped into her lap when she arrived!

Pauline did leave us on May 16th and I’m 100% certain that she is watching over all of us now!

Pauline often told me how happy and grateful she was to receive the wonderful care for her “babies” that she did at Center-Sinai. And I was lucky enough to see it myself first hand!

From your quick response to my first e-mail to you explaining our unique situation to your “go above and beyond” care that we received from you when we were in your expert hands in the office!

I can’t express enough how impressed I was with everyone I came in contact with. First of all Emily your office manager! What a gem!! A Godsend!! DON’T ever let her go!! It takes a very special and devoted person to recognize someone in distress and to immediately respond not only with help but also with care and compassion. What an amazing way for me or anyone to start a journey or relationship with your office!

Then there was Dr. Carrillo!! OMG!! If Emily is a precious gem, then Dr. Carrillo is a diamond!! Sooo patient, understanding, compassionate and warm!! Another you should NEVER let go!!

Letting go of a four legged loved one is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life, even when as in Maddie’s case she wasn’t “my baby.” But Dr. Carrillo gave me ALL the time I needed to make the difficult but correct decision and ALL the time I needed to be with her afterwards. It made a heart wrenching experience a bit less so. I’m so grateful to her.

I also want to thank you for the lovely note of condolence that was sent to us after Maddie’s passing, the generous donation made on her behalf to the Animal Health Foundation and the discount on the final bill for Maddie (yes, I noticed). All so very thoughtful, generous and greatly appreciated.

If I didn’t already have a 20 yr. relationship with my own vet this experience with you and your staff would certainly change me over. But if she should ever retire I WILL be at your counter faster than anyone can blink. Till then I will highly recommend Center-Sinai to anyone that I can.

My hope is that you will share this very long e-mail (sorry) with your staff. I, too, work in a customer service trade and unfortunately we often are told about only the negative interactions with our customers and I know from my own experience how important it is to also be told about the positive ones as well.

I’m very sorry it has taken such a long time to send this e-mail to you and your amazing staff! It’s been a very busy time for Pauline’s family and for me helping them with her illness, passing and closing up her apartment.

Again, on behalf of ALL of us and ALL 3 of the “babies,” THANK YOU to you and your staff for everything!!

Sincerely & with love,
Colleen Mc K.
Pauline Stout – RIP
Maddie – RIP
Poncho & Marley
Pauline’s Family


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