I left your office feeling completely reassured!

I'm writing this testimonial to Dr. Baum, to say I left your office feeling completely reassured! I cannot thank you enough for your help with my newly adopted Honey Love

Thanks Dr. Baum!!

Hello, there…this is Brandi Stephens, the proud owner and lover of my newly adopted Honey Love. I came to see you yesterday and I cannot begin to thank you enough for your incredible help. I truly appreciate you for taking the time to answer my many questions. I will never forget how you made me feel. I left your office feeling completely reassured and all my worries were gone.

As for Honey Love, she has definitely shown many signs of improvement. It must be between that shot you gave her and not having that one on 24/7. She is much happier and has more spunk. She has a heck of a lot more energy…every time I took her outside, she pulled me with her little self and wanted to run around the block. For the first time since I brought her home on Friday, she actually played with some of her toys. She is more alert as well…when she hears the neighbors, her ears perk up…prior to today, she never budged, not even when the FedEx guy came. Also prior to tonight, I had yet to hear her bark…I’m glad she has not been a barker but since I had never heard her bark, I was concerned about that. She ate much better today…and twice! 🙂 She had a good BM today as well…prior to this evening, the few times she pooped, it wasn’t quite diarrhea but it was pretty soft…but today’s poop seemed to be pretty normal…yay for good poop! LOL! 🙂

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!! I absolutely adore you Dr. Baum. You are an amazing doctor and you have my complete loyalty. Honey Love and I are truly blessed to have you as a doctor.


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