Tasha Belle Dog’s Testimonial to Dr. Baum

Tasha Belle Dog Testimonial to Center-Sinai Animal Hospital veterinarian in chief, Dr. Baum, transcribed by her owner and personal assistant, Ms. N. Mitchell


From an e-mail translated by the Mitchell Family, Tasha’s owners and personal assistants.

‘Hi, Dr. Baum. Tasha Belle here. You saw me yesterday (Friday). I just wanted to thank you soooo much for taking such good care of me and my owners. My mom is the absolute worst when it comes to worrying. She worries so much about me some of her “concerns” and “questions” make me embarrassed.

‘I do have to tell you that I didn’t appreciate all those needlely things that you gave me, or the pills either. Was that really necessary? And what is this “cellulite” stuff you speak of? Is it going to affect my beautiful shape?

‘Seriously, though, Dr. Baum, we thank you for the compassion that you pour into your work. No matter what I come in to your office for, we all walk out knowing that you gave us 2000% of your best care. And we truly love you for that. The next time I come in, I’ll bring you one of my favorite treats, okay?

‘Have a great weekend, and thanks again.

‘Tasha Belle’


Hello Dr. Baum. Tasha Belle wanted us to thank you for making her feel
better. She doesn’t scratch nearly as much as before. And she seems to
be much calmer too.

We’ve brought Tasha Belle to your office for over 5 years and we must
say that you have taken wonderful, loving care of our baby. Every time
we come in we always know that you and your staff will take excellent
care of her, and you never disappoint us. A “thank you” is just not
enough to truly express how grateful we are for you, your staff and the
wonderful, wonderful care our Tasha gets.

Stay greatly blessed and thanks again,
The Mitchell Family


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