Petunia The West Highland Terrier Thrives

CSAH Testimonial to Dr. Plecher, whose SARDS treatment restored Petunia Dog's sight, and is a 'gift from god,' according to Petunia's mom

Petunia is a 9 year old female West Highland Terrier who comes from championship stock. Petunia’s grandmother was featured on the cover of Dog Fancy magazine. Petunia is like one of our children. She is the only pet who has been allowed to sleep in our bed. Petunia loves to chase the geese and wildlife which hang around the wetland adjoining our lakefront property. We would go to the ends of the Earth to find medical treatment for Petunia and as it turned out we almost did. …

Short version of the story: Petunia was bumping into things, and was finally diagnosed with SARDS. The owners were told that there was no cure. Then they heard about Dr. Plechner, and wrote:

“This we know. The restoration of Petunia’s vision is a gift from God, delivered by the caring hands of her veterinarian in consultation with Dr. Plechner. We also know that Dr. Plechner is an advocate for animals suffering with SARDS. Dr. Plechner is on the front line every day fighting SARDS. Dr. Plechner is committed to educating us about SARDS and healing animals with SARDS. Dr. Plechner’s treatment protocol is working for Petunia and many other dogs suffering from SARDS.”

For the full story of Petunia’s recovery from SARDS, click here.


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