SARDS Dog Sight Returns – Patrick M

Dachshund, miniature, Center-Sinai Animal Hospital testimonial to Dr. Plechner, thanking him for returning partial sight to his SARDS dog-photo by Ellen Levy Finch

Hi, Dr. Plechner!

After several months of dealing with the frustrations and emotions surrounding a SARDS/IMR diagnosis for my dachshund Chip, I want to thank you for preserving/ restoring some of Chip’s vision! Although I put the highlights of his journey, including medical conclusions in the attached letter, I cannot adequately express my joy in the same way.

Since I believe strongly in sharing hope, I have copied all of the veterinary doctors who were directly or indirectly involved in Chip’s care so they will now know there is a promising treatment option for SARDS/IMR. I hope you don’t mind me sharing your contact information with other medical professionals so other dogs could benefit from your work.

For any of the doctors who would like to see Chip for yourself, I will happily visit your office with Chip. Sorry Dr. Grozdanic and Heidi…I am not driving him to Iowa! Thank you all for your best efforts!

Best Regards,
Patrick M.
P.S. Please feel free to have SARDS/IMR dog owners contact me: mcnm…

Thanks so much, Patrick, for taking the time to write us your CSAH Testimonial


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