Thanks for Never Giving Up On My Pug Roxi!

SARDS dog's owner thanks Dr. Plechner for caring. 'Thanks to you, I have more time with my sweet baby girl!'

Roxi is my pug. She is almost 11 years old.  It started out by her getting stung by a bee, and we found out very quickly she was allergic (trip to emergency clinic). Then of course we kept shots at home. Next we found out she was allergic to immunizations, so she would have to get a shot before her immunizations just so she could take her immunizations.  Then she started getting little mast cell tumors. To date she has had over 30 removed (I stopped counting after 25).

Fast forward to late July of 2012. We noticed that Roxi started bumping into things. By August it was really bad, so we took her to our vet and she referred us to an ophthalmologist. Roxi was completely blind and diagnosed with SARDS. 600 dollars later and a one sheet print out of SARDS, and we were told she is just blind and she will be just fine! NOT the case! She had no drive, no will, no anything! Her tail was constantly down! This was not my baby girl. We were both deeply depressed. I got a book on blind dogs. So I made changes to the house, such as rugs positioned in certain areas, etc. Still my Roxi was not herself.  So I started doing my own research on SARDS. Come to find out, it doesn’t mean my dog just went blind, they can develop Cushing’s disease, and have other internal issues, and obviously she did have something else wrong with her.

So then my search for a vet that actually was familiar with SARDS was on.  Unfortunately many, many phone calls later, I hit a dead end.  And just when I thought I was at the end of my search a friend of mine found Dr. Al Plechner! So I called and got Roxi in to see him. He ran tests and put Roxi on a thyroid and steroid regimen. And within a few weeks, I had my Roxi back!!!! She was no longer so confused and her tail was up and wagging again. I still have a very hard time with the fact that none of these veterinarians have a clue as to what SARDS entails! I really wish that information on this disease would become more accessible to these vets!

And the moral to this story is never give up on your pet! They depend on you for EVERYTHING. And this letter is really to send praise to Dr. Al Plechner. He is truly an amazing doctor and human being. I thank God everyday that we found him. He truly cares about his work!!! I am in constant contact with him about Roxi’s progress and sometimes I even get a phone call from him just checking in. I can tell you he honestly cares about these animals and believes in his research, as do I. So to that I want to personally thank you, Dr. Plechner, from the bottom of my heart. Because of you I have more time with my sweet baby girl!!!! And please, please keep doing what you’re doing!


(Roxi’s mom), Traci Racadio


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