Dr. P Saved Baby’s Life Twice Already

Thanks to Dr. P and the wonderful staff at Center-Sinai who always treat us so well!

Baby has been  undergoing an ongoing treatment for her hormone imbalance from Dr. P. A year  ago, she injured herself and would not heal properly. She would hide under the stairs to the loft for months and not come out, would not eat unless we  pushed her bowl under the stairs, and was not her charming self at all. Dr.  P saw signs of a hormone imbalance and gave her a series of depo-medrol  shots. She began to miraculously improve, and was back to normal after 3  months. Recently, my brother was kitty-sitting her and failed to give her  her medication. Her lip started to swell up. She then developed a grievous  intolerance to the foods we were giving her and her lip and chin swelled up  to 5x its normal size. She was miserable and giving up on life as she loves  to eat and couldn’t.

Dr. P gave her a convenia shot with a short and long  acting depo-medrol shot. He was by our side every minute and in suggested  that we give her to eat whatever we gave her before the allergy started.  Like a miracle, when we did that, her jaw started shrinking and responding  well to the medication. By the next day she was about 90% back to normal. 

Dr. P’s care and love of animals has saved my girl’s life twice already. She is  doing great, and we can’t thank him enough for his research on  endocrine-auto-immune diseases. Without it, we would have lost her. She  loves everyone there and this is her now, back to normal.

Thank you Dr. P,  and to all the wonderful staff there who always takes such great care of our precious Baby!

Sent to by Sabrina, Los Angeles, California


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