Dr. Baum Saved My Cat’s Life

I’m writing to say a huge thank you to Dr. Barry Baum, the wonderful veterinarian who was responsible for saving the life of my cat, Tamba. Cheers also to his exceptional staff at Center-Sinai Veterinary Hospital, in Los Angeles, including all the remarkable, attentive front office and vet techs who allowed and even encouraged things like night visits when the little kid had to stay over. I’ll never forget how frightened Tamba was at first. But after the techs brought me a chair, I took her onto my lap, IV’s and all, and stayed for an hour. Then, I put her back into her holding area, where she took a bath, and curled up for a nap, contented, knowing she was not abandoned. Today, more than three years later, she is one frisky kid, at the ripe old age of 13+.

UPDATE: I brought Tamba in to see Dr. Baum in the fall, 2007, after she threw up, then stopped eating for a day. It took us some tests, some time, but once again, Tamba was healed after a very close call. It turned out that she had probably sipped the water in the swimming pool, and because her tummy was upset from it, stopped eating. This was very scary — five days without food and we lose our pussycats, and it took several days of testing to finally sort everything out. It was on the fifth day we got it. She is now scampering around, at age 17, and jumping, back to her old fighting weight and spirit. Whew! And again, a miracle. Thanks, Dr. Baum and the Center Sinai team, plus the City of Angels Veterinary Center, where we were sent for special testing.


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