Thanks Dr. B, for Your Donation In Memory of My Sweet Little Mona

Donation in memory of a pet --Thanks Dr. Baum, for your generous contribution when my minature Schnauzer Mona died. Ronnie, owner of Mona, Photo credit "Miniature Schnauzer portrait Mattie" by Ron Armstrong from Helena, MT, USA - Mattie. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

Just a few words to thank you for making a generous donation in memory of my sweet little Mona. A wonderful gesture on your part and the thought is so much appreciated.

I have been a client for many years and have brought my entire pet family to Center-Sinai at one time or another and have always been treated very kindly. I am a senior and the 10% discount afforded me does surely help.

Dr. Plechner has been wonderful and was very reassuring that I was doing the right thing for my little Mona. I sure do miss her a lot.

Sent to us by Bonnie L., Los Angeles, CA

NOTE: Please ask your local pet rescue or veterinary service how you, too, can make a donation in memory of a pet when someone close to you loses a beloved dog, cat or other pet family member.


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