I will always make the trip – Dr. Plechner and Center-Sinai are worth the drive!

Dog Breeder Roz Wheelock 'got smart' about Dobermans health care after meeting Dr. Plechner

I got smart about Doberman health care, after meeting Dr. Plechner

Thank you, Dr. Plechner!

“I’ve bred Dobermans for over 30 years; but I say ‘smart’ about Doberman health care for 20. That was when I met Dr. Al Plechner; he was treating a friend’s blue Doberman for an immune system deficiency.

While I did want to breed a quality show dog, I was more driven to improve the health of my line of Dobermans. I wanted to know more about developing a strong, solid, healthy dog, so I made my first appointment. Dr. Plechner was generous with his time in explaining the Endocrine Immune System blood panel he had developed, the reason for testing, and how dogs’ and cats’ health could be improved. I was excited to learn of the opportunity to make a difference!

I began a testing program on my breeding dogs, using his E.I. panel. Dr. Plechner was screening my dogs for the best test results to use for foundation breeding stock. Along with that, each dog was x-rayed for hip dysplasia and cervical vertebrae instability. Using a critical eye, a Radiologist in the office made sure dogs were clear of both conditions. Dogs that did not pass these first physical tests, were spayed or neutered and placed in pet homes. Prior to meeting Dr Plechner, each of my dogs had already been tested for von Willebrands to be sure they were not affected by the bleeding disorder…” More

From Roz Wheelock


Dr. Plechner saved my daughter’s Yellow Labrador from having unnecessary leg surgery (at another hospital). Amber is 4 yrs old and was adopted from a family having to give her up. She had an obvious limp in a rear leg, often not using it. My daughter lives in the Riverside area, and a local vet x-rayed the leg, then told her ACL surgery was needed, but that probably the other leg would wind up needing it also. I have known Dr. Plechner, an incredible veterinarian and person, for many years, so I suggested we get his opinion…AND are we GLAD we did! He looked at the x-ray and said it was a break that hadn’t been treated, but was healing. He provided medication, and pain meds to use ‘as needed.’ What awesome news for my daughter and her husband! Amber is a perfect lady, and they had fallen in love immediately so hated to see her suffer. Thank you, Dr. Plechner, for being so patient in your description of how Amber needed to be watched and cared for.

It is obvious you love animals, you handle them gently, which is so important when they are hurt or ill. You’re #1 in our opinion. By the way, my daughter, Reanna, and husband, Joshua, will always make the trip into Culver City to Center-Sinai from now on…you and Center-Sinai are worth the drive! THANK YOU!!!

R. Wheelock, Riverside-San Bernardino


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