This Center-Sinai Veterinarian’s Main Goal is Saving Lives!

Dr. Plechner, Center-Sinai Veterinarian's goal is saving lives of cats, dogs and other furry friends

Dr Plechner is beyond brilliant, even though he is so humble and down plays his achievements and contributions to the field of medicine. I love how he differentiates himself from so many old school, traditional limited Physicians/Veterinarians. No doubt he cares more about healing than financial gain.

From the very first conversation I had with Dr. Plechner, approximately 20 years ago, to this very day, his main goal is saving lives (whether animals or people). He is always looking for ways to provide the most affordable, practical and least invasive options, to cure rather than treat, available. He is an absolute answer to prayer for all of us who have been fortunate to know him.

And the guy never stops trying … Dr. Plechner is one of a kind. I am so grateful for every day that he continues practicing and making his research available to all. Thank you, Dr Plechner, one of America’s great heroes.

Sent to us by Dana C, Canyon Lake, CA


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