Like Having a Family Doctor for Our Pets

Blacky Cat from Griselda Molina CSAH Testimonial-Blacky Cat-From Griselda Molina -Center-Sinai Like Having a Family Doctor for Our Pets

We’ve been coming to Center-Sinai for years. Our oldest cat is 11, and we were coming before that — with bunnies, hamsters, birds — for at least 14 years. Coming to Center-Sinai is like having a family doctor for our pets. The atmosphere is very friendly, Dr. Baum is nice.

The doctors care, they don’t just push you through. I had a rat with tumors they removed, an obese parakeet we thought had a tumor because he was so fat.

We also had a hermaphroditic cat. We came in because we didn’t know what we had … Dr. Baum called us at home and left a message, he was so surprised. He said in all his years in veterinary medicine, he’d only seen one other hermaphroditic cat.

And we love the pens. They’re all over the house. That’s how we know the phone number to call when we need to come in…

Our thanks to Griselda Molina for this fun CSAH review. And glad you like the pens! 


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