My Cat’s Alive Thanks to Your New Veterinary Approach!

Testimonial to CSAH vterinarian Dr. Plechner for developing new veterinary approach to save pets lives -- My cat Larry is alive because of Dr. Plechner's courage to save pets lives.

Dr. Plechner,

I am not e-mailing you for an appointment. This e-mail is purely to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your heroism to take a new veterinary approach to save pets through your love of animals. I came across your Pets at Risk book in January of this year at a time where I was taking my cat Larry to vets to figure out why he was not eating and, losing weight. If I had not come to my stage of observing him instead of being devastated and, accepting the diagnosis (Lymph Cancer) of the last two vets he would have been put down already. I wouldn’t give up on him when I noticed him stretching and, cleaning himself. I couldn’t believe that a cat sick with cancer would be capable of these two healthy behaviors. I was well into acknowledging that holistic approaches can, and do help animals and people.

By the grace of God your book arrived at my local bookstore right during that time. Your book had symptoms of my cat Larry all over it. I contacted both vets in New Jersey on your website. They both were at least an hour away but, with a car all things are possible. When the one vet couldn’t take him right away it turned out the other could. Dr. Mark Newkirk in Margate, New Jersey diagnosed Larry within ten minutes of having inflammatory bowel syndrome.

Six and a half months later Larry is reversing back to health. He had, as Dr. Newkirk put it, pain all over. Everything from his lymph system, stomach, liver …everything was messed up, not excluding that he was blind in one eye from glaucoma that led to biphthalmia, and being blind from phthisis in his other eye.

Dr. Newkirk put in 110% of his energy for Larry. There was a time when he and I weren’t sure he would make it. He ended up being in the hospital for two separate two week visits because he was losing a lot of weight from dehydration and intense diarrhea the doctor couldn’t control. After Dr. Newkirk’s last resort the diarrhea got under control. Larry got all the way down to just under four pounds. We are talking about an eleven year old large framed marked tabby who once weighed thirteen pounds. He started gaining weight two months ago, and is around six pounds now. His next vet appointment is tomorrow. His last appointment was the sign of his first real progress. His steroids were reduced to one instead of two, and he gained 7 ounces.

I’m sorry to make this story so long Dr. Plechner, but I wanted you to get the real picture. It is no small miracle that Larry is alive today. It took all of us to keep Larry going.

Again, thank you thank you so very much Dr. Plechner. For what it’s worth we may never get to meet each other but, through your information that saved Larry you will always be remembered by me. And, will always be remembered as the primary loving man who saved my family. May loved ones always follow you. God Bless always.

Mary E. Pollara and Larry


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