Bootsy Meeks

Bootsy Meeks, photo, pet eulogy and testimonial sent to us at Center-Sinai Animal Hospital, Los Angeles

“Thank You so much!! Even though it was not a happy situation, me and my family thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The Vet was excellent and the staff was good, too! I didn’t get a chance to thank the vet. I feel like I made a good humane choice. I’m writing a story about Bootsy and getting a picture to you, too.”

Dr. Baum and the staff at Center-Sinai Animal Hospital want to thank Bootsy’s mom for taking the time to write this kind testimonial. You’ll find a moving but also fun look back at the life of this wonderful furry love in our pet eulogies. We encourage everyone to send in a tribute to a pet who has passed on, as the process of recalling the good moments, and sharing them with others, really helps heal the pain. P.S. Thanks also for the swell doggie photo, which we also added here.

Pet Eulogies


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