Blind SARDS Dog Sees Again

Video - Dr. Plechner's Treatment brings new hope for SARDS patients. Center-Sinai Animal Hospital veterinarian Dr. Plechner's SARDS protocol video shows dog with vision restored.

Dr. Plechner’s Treatment Brings New Hope for SARDS Patients

Click here to see the video of Lexie, clearly seeing and playing with toys

Lexie was said to be legally blind in July 2013 when she was diagnosed with SARDS at Iowa State University. We were told to go home and help her adapt to being a blind dog. Things like not moving the furniture around and putting a bell around her neck to hear when she’s moving. This video is taken in November 2013, after 4 months of Dr. Plechner’s advice/ protocol. Today, Not only her vision but her personality is fully restored. Here is a video of her tracking and retrieving through an obstacle.

Sent to us by Dr. Jacob Roethler, owner of Lexie, the dog shown above.


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