I have the utmost respect for Dr. Baum

All of us at Center-Sinai thank Anita F for taking time to write of her 'utmost respect for Dr. Baum' following the loss of her longtime furry friend, Oscar Cat

Dr. Baum, et al.,

Oscar passed about an hour ago at a vet center in Woodland Hills, CA. His condition deteriorated rapidly the last few days: last night he stopped eating and appeared to be suffering.

Dr. Baum has been his primary physician since 1998, and I have the utmost respect for his skills, intellect and judgment. He’s helped Oscar through a few medical scares (and 1 or 2 staff issues) and I considered him one of the best vets, anywhere. I’ve referred people to him, and will continue to do so in the future.

This is never an easy transition – Oscar was my son for almost 17 years – but I did not want him to suffer any longer and he was a personality that I enjoyed, enriched all, and I will never forget.

Thank you for your patience and care.

I will always refer patients to you, and when I get another pet, may see you again.

Anita F., Southern California


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