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My Sweet Boxer

In Loving Memory of Boxer

My sweet Boxer passed away Wednesday morning at 2;45 AM.

He was the sweetest cat ever. He loved sitting on his condo tree and talking to the birds outside. his favorite thing to do is snuggle with me. He loved to play with his toys. He was such a great cat. He now over the rainbow bridge with his brother Hershey and Toby .

mommy and daddy already miss you.

Submitted to us by Boxers’s mom,  Lynn from St. Paul


My Beautiful Josh – In Loving Memory

In Loving Memory of JOSH

My beautiful JOSH went to kitty heaven Wednesday November 2 at 8:30PM

He was so brave while fighting kidney disease, although he was painfully thin and weak – – he managed to greet me at the door with his last bit of energy. Dr Oliver was very caring when she assisted him out of his pain.

Dr Baum had taken excellent care of Josh over the years, keeping him as healthy & happy as possible. Dr. Baum and the staff at the hospital have always been so supportive and could not have been more caring and helpful in Josh’s last days.

Submitted to us by Josh’s mom,  Margaret from Playa Del Rey

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