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Story Time with Dr. B

Enjoy a cuppa as you read a pet ‘n’ people ‘tail’ by Dr. B.
AKC Judge -- Dr. Baum Awards Best Puppy Prize at Shoreline Dog Show

Here Comes The Judge — Dr. Baum Awards Best Puppy Prize at Shoreline Dog Fanciers Association Show

Dr. Baum — and the proud puppy and owner — are clearly having a grand time as Dr. B awards the prize for Best Puppy in the Show at the Dog Fanciers Association Show in Shoreline, December 6, 2015. “Best Puppy in Show” is an award Laila Tov won as a youth, you may recall. Along with all her later loftier and loftier achievements. Until she reached the coveted Westminster title. Click the photo for a link to the start of the Laila Tov Saga, where Best Puppy started it all.

Dr. Baum's Laila Tov, a favorite of his among his Frenchie Dog family, embarks on her career as dog show champion par excellence in Ventura

Did you read about how Dr. B embarked upon the path that led him to becoming a certified AKC Judge? The “tail” involves a super time with Laila Tov as well. You’ll see her title has become quite grand in this episode of the Laila Tov Saga.

  Laila Tov Wins Grand Champion title

For more pictures of the darling girl and her family. click the Laila & Parents and Frenchie Dog Pix buttons!

Frenchie Dog Pix! Laila & Parents Dog Pix!

Drumroll — Laila Tov is a Mommy! And Dr. B a great-great-great grandpa!

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Story Time with Dr. B

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Dr. Baum with his original Frenchie Leading Lady, Fessie. Photo by Ina Hillebrandt


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