Special Announcement! Dr. B Becomes A Great Granddad!

Dr. Baum’s Family of Frenchies – Second Installment

Meet Modani’s kids, Fess and Gadi’s Grandchildren, Laila Tov and Boker Tov! 

What’s not to love?

See what happened at 7 months

And next, Laila Tov in her first big girl dog show…..

Hold your paws! Laila wins Champion Title! Read the “tail,” and see the photo.

OMG! Laila does it again! And a surprise re-entry into the ring.

Wow! Family of Champions on the Rise!

Below, the youngest generation, the lovely girl Laila Tov, this weekend at home.

And now, a whopping title!

Dog Show in Santa Barbara Sees The Whole Family Perform

Laila Tov scores Grand Champion!
Again! This Time, Westminster!

And the day before? Best of Opposite Sex at FRENCH BULLDOG CLUB OF AMERICA SPECIALTY SHOW.
Laila Tov won in a field of 92 entries, including 17 other champions!
Click the first picture below to watch the video and see why everyone is smiling!

Laila Wins Bulldogs of America group video button

In the video, see the final moments after three and a half hours of judging of the best French Bulldogs in the country at the French Bulldog Club of America Specialty Show at the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City. February 9, 2014
Above, holding Laila is handler Renata Drumond.
The astute judge is Dr. Richard Meen.
The videographer is Kelsy Hafferkamp.
Sound effects by Team Laila.

Team Laila FBDCA NY Specialty

Are you thinking of getting a new purebred doggie, or breeding one of your own? Things to consider — Dr. Baum recommends you look at this article from Forbes.com. As Dr. B adds, Caveat emptor! 

Drumroll, please. Laila Tov has become a Mommy!

Back to parents Fess and Gadi, and the original kid, Modi


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