Sea Lion Reunites with Rescuer – Video

A sea lion who was shot (!) reunites with his rescuer

Sea lion reunites with his rescuer - videoWhen a sea lion reunites with his rescuer in this video, we bet your heart warms!

While it’s devastating when people are cruel to animals, it’s thrilling when a human being actually helps a fellow living being. Ap-paws to Sgt. Nevis and all the folks making this rescue possible!

Let’s make it a point to educate people about the value of being kind to animals! No one should hurt them in this way, or any way. But as long as some people do this, it’s wonderful when others step in and help injured animals. Check with your local animal control centers if you come across injured wild animals to find out how best to help. Often it will take a professional to be able to handle scared and injured fellow creatures. You can help immensely by notifying the nearest group able to come to their aid.


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