Soleil, German Shepherd – Photo by Carey Steele

At Center-Sinai Animal Hospital, we believe saving you money on your pet’s health care costs is important. And you can help us help you save!

Our commitment is to help our pet parents obtain the very best care for their pets, at affordable prices. As we say on our home page, in Our Philosophy:

  • We provide you with knowledgeable, compassionate, caring and reassuring services based on the latest veterinary information, for your pet family member’s well being, and your own.
  • We deliver rational health care at reasonable prices. We do believe in being thorough, but not in over-treating your pet.

Dr. Barry Baum, Chief of Staff of Center-Sinai, has written articles and been on television to help pet owners learn how they can save money on veterinary bills, whether they are part of the Center-Sinai family, or have relationships with other veterinarians, locally to us in Los Angeles, in other parts of the county, or in some other part of the globe.

Here are links to information that will help you save money on your own vet bills, while keeping your pet(s) healthy.

You can help us help you save!

Before you call or come in for a veterinary visit, taking time to review the questions in this article by Dr. B could help you help us, or your local veterinary service, save on your vet care bills! Money Saving Tips for Pet Owners

We also offer our own pet care insurance, which we call Pet Well Care. Our philosophy is that by maintaining your pet’s health, and practicing preventive health care, not only will your pets remain in better health, costs to you will be lower. You can find out more about our plan by clicking here.

And check our low-cost clinics for ongoing savings on spay-neuter, vaccination and dental services.