Adopt a pet today, the gift that keeps on giving! Dr. Baum of Center-Sinai supports dog, cat, bird and other animal rescue sites featured on our pet rescue page
Kitty Wrap – Photo by Karyn Lyn Giss,

As we know, when natural disasters strike, many beloved critter-friends are left homeless right here in Los Angeles, home of Center-Sinai Animal Hospital. This plight is echoed in communities around the country, and the world. And of course, some pets are also abandoned, or lose their homes for other reasons.

While no one person can save them all, providing a home for just one of these deserving bundles of love is a wonderful step forward in helping solve the problem.

If you have just lost one of your own dear furry companion (or feathery, or other sort of beloved pet), or simply want to find a new cat, dog, bird, or slinky family member to love — and be loved by — we urge you to go to a rescue group. They are dedicated people, and help worthy pets and people find each other.

You’ll not only be finding a lovely addition to your family, you’ll be making room for the organization to provide help to another animal who sorely needs shelter, food and attention. The list of valuable pet rescue groups is long, but here are some we have worked with personally.

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Perfect Pet

Small Dogs

Perfect Pet has been working in close partnership with Center-Sinai for many years, and is located on the premises, in space donated by Chief of Staff Dr. Baum. The group provides shelter and loving care to small dogs needing to find forever homes. If you are looking for a doggie to bring into your family, this is a place to find that perfect pet! Check the website to find available dogs. List updated daily.

(310) 736-3731

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Feral Cats Caretaker Coalition

While these super folks are not currently providing housing for lost cats, they do provide a wealth of information on how to help our homeless pussycat population, and may be able to suggest rescue sites additional to those on our page.

Seminars, Education

(310) 560-9101

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West L.A. Animal Shelter

Caring shelter for dogs and cats needing forever homes, in West Los Angeles.

(888) 453-7381 (ext. 144)

11361 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064


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Rita Lasman

Cats Only

Ms. Lasman has been caring for cats needing fosters and forever homes for years. A wonderful resource for anyone seeking a new fluffy home companion.

(818) 997-9862

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West L.A. Bird Club

Resource for information and help finding foster and forever homes for feathery friends.

(310) 397-4629 – (323) 936-6581

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Wild Bird Rescue

(not parrots)

Information on where to go for care and help for injured and lost wild birds.

(310) 457-9453

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South Bay Wildlife Rehab (formerly known as South Bay Rescue)

Dedicated to caring for California native birds and educating the public about the natural world. We rehabilitate over 1000 sick, injured and orphaned birds for return to the wild every year and see over 30,000 children and adults with wildlife and environmental education.  SBWR has state and federal permits for wildlife rehabilitation and wildlife education.


(310) 378-9921

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Hummingbirds, Jean Roper

If you have a question about rescuing or finding hummingbirds for yourself or a friend, Jean’s your go-to.

(310) 326-8196

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Rescued Pet Foundation

A national service that rescues pets from shelters, has them checked by veterinarians, given shots and ID chips. Pets are listed online. U.S., Mexico and Canada: e-mail:

In Los Angeles, phone is: (310) 284-3680.

Please check online for number in your area.


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Best Friends Animal Society

A wonderful group of people dedicated to helping pets find their humans. No-kill policy. Best Friends has sanctuaries for dogs, cats, piggies, bunnies, wild critters, parrots and more.

The national organization can be found here:

In Los Angeles:

The website for the Los Angeles group is:

Telephone for Los Angeles facility: (818) 643-3989


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The Lange Foundation

A Los Angeles rescue organization, the Lange Foundation has been going to shelters and rescuing dogs and cats from euthanasia since 1993. Their accommodations for the wonderful kittens, cats, dogs and puppies who stay with them while awaiting a forever home are warm and comforting, and the little ones in their care make super pets for loving families.

2106 S Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025

(310) 473-5585