In loving memory of Peaches

Peaches - Pet Eulogy for dog at Center-Sinai Animal Hospital.

Pet Eulogy

Dr. Baum:

I just wanted to let you know how grateful we are to all of you at Center Sinai for taking care of our beloved Peaches for the past 14 1/2 years. You were the first place that we brought her to when we found her in front of our home three blocks from your clinic back in ’96.

Dr. Carrillo and her assistant Eddie came over the other morning and put her to sleep in such a caring and professional manner. Even though I am still very distraught, I know that it was the best thing to do and it was done by the best individuals. Thank you for allowing them to come to our home, I wanted it to be Peaches’ last image.

We also want to commend Dr. Williams who has always been such a comfort and resource. We still have another dog and we do not intend on going anywhere else! Keep up the good work!

Giancarlo Mercado
We are very grateful to Giancarlo for allowing us to also post this pet eulogy and lovely photo on our testimonial page.


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