In Memorium – Bootsy

Bootsy Meeks, photo, pet eulogy and testimonial sent to us at Center-Sinai Animal Hospital, Los Angeles


Bootsy was born May 1996 to his Mother Picky. Who just happened to live next door.  Picky loved to escape from her yard, run the streets and leave her poor puppies to fend for themselves. One day we heard a puppy crying under a parked car. We brought him home!  I named him after Bootsy Collins, a 70’s Funk Artist. We serenaded him with the song “Ahh…” The Name is Bootsy, Baby.  Bootsy looked nothing like his Mother. His dad was a big black mixed Lab, who also ran the streets.

Bootsy and I played Frisbee and ball everyday. When a neighbor would stop for a chat, he was busy. Bootsy would ram the Frisbee into my legs, drop a saliva soaked ball on my foot, and join the conversation by barking his head off! He would not be ignored!!!!

One thing I loved about Bootsy, he would get behind the gate. When the gates are open, one side provided a safe area for him while we move the cars. My husband would reward him with a treat when he came home. Well, Bootsy took it to a whole new level! You could give him a treat while entering the house but don’t go back outside. Bootsy would be on the steps waiting for yet another treat when you return. We called that Tow Treats!!!

One day Bootsy got into it with a bird. So I waited until my daughter came home to go check things out. We looked around the yard and didn’t see nothing. So I asked Bootsy “where’s the bird?” he left the area. All of a sudden he came from around the corner of the house at full speed with a bird about 10″ long in his mouth. We were screaming, laughing and ran into the house. I guess he understood!

Another thing I loved about him was the way he ate from my hand. He was so gentle that sometimes I told him to just take it!

Bootsy and me

One time I was talking to a City Worker. Bootsy was in the front yard barking so I latched the gate. Somehow he flipped the latch. As I stepped off the curb, Bootsy ran pass me. He jumped on the worker’s chest with his paws and looked him dead in eyes. The worker gasped and said thank god you have a friendly dog.

Bootsy got excited every time someone washed the cars. He would drag his bed off the porch, pull into an area near the cars and hump it.

Nobody that lives here could leave without everybody in the neighborhood knowing it. He would bark until you are out of sight.

Bootsy would have been 12 years old last month. I miss him when I am in the house and don’t hear his bark. I miss him when I go and come and don’t see him behind the gates. When I wash my car, water the grass, take out the trash, and leave the house walking. Bootsy will not be alone; he will join Goldie, Prince, and Kenya in heaven. We miss him so much!

Thank you Center-Sinai for being there when I needed you. Be Blessed

Zena & Family


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