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My heart…Bobm, Red Cockapoo A mellow fellow… RIP 2006

Bobm and Smokey Topaz…I miss them both with Onyx, who is still with us.

Bobm was the red cockapoo top, and above and on the left, who died in 2006 after a dog attack, from Hemangiosarcoma. Smokey Topaz was the grey mini poodle on the right in the photo above, who passed away two months ago, at the foot of my bed from heart failure. I miss them both.

Onyx is the black cat in the middle. He is still alive, and Puddles, the new female dog 6 years old from the SPCA, needs to stop chasing him. He is an old cat, and Puddles has bitten him twice.

The current dogs are in the photo I entered into the Funniest Pet Photo Contest — in doggy rain gear.

As seen on:

NBC, Los Angeles Times, CBS and Animal Planet