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A warm pet cat eulogy sent to us at Center-Sinai Animal Hospital. We are proud to share Kriminal Cat's spirit with readers.

In Loving Memory of Kriminal Cat

4/2005 – 10/2010

Kriminal was the best cat in the world. Even though he had a tough exterior he was still a mama’s boy. He would always greet me when I would come home and would wait by my bedroom door every night to go to sleep. He was a Dog Cat, Guard Cat, and Alpha Cat. Unfortunately, Kriminal went into heart failure in October, 2010 and I had to put him to sleep. It was the hardest decision I ever had to make. He was like my first child. I think about him every day and miss all of the little things that he did that would brighten my day.

Rest in Peace, Kriminal
I love you and miss you dearly

Pet cat eulogy submitted by Samantha, Los Angeles, CA

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