In Loving Memory Zoe – May, 2011

Pet Cat Eulogy - for Zoe, a black rescued cat with some of the spirit of this panther

Lucky to have experienced the gift of Zoe-ness

Zoe has been a unique and wonderful presence in my life for 18 years. She was a rescue and never quite lost some of her feral ways. I believe every cat is unique and individualistic, and Zoe, a black cat, maintained a position at the top of the list of catness and Zoe-ness. It means a lot to me to have been able over the years to have experienced the gift of Zoe and in the last days to be able to give her the gift of release from progressive weakness, incoordination, confusion and inability to be comfortable.

I am so grateful to have had Zoe with me all these years. I have learned so much from her.

Sent to us by Nancy, Los Angeles, CA


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