What should I feed kittens I’m trying to wean?

Dr. Baum says the mom will help, advises in answer to question, 'What should I feed the kittens I'm trying to wean,' food mixed with chicken soup.

No lion about it, chicken soup is good for kittens, just like humans

Dear Dr. Baum —

I am trying to wean 4 kittens from nursing from their mother. They are 4 1/2 weeks old. What’s the best food to start with? I’m trying a chicken soup slurry. They have no idea what to do. Should they just continue to watch their mother eat? Suggestions? Thanks.

Terry S.
Los Angeles, CA

Dear Terry —

Buy any brand of dry kitten food, mix it with chicken broth and gradually thicken the mix. You can let them nurse in between. The queen will put an end to the nursing in due time.

Dr. B


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