What is the right frequency for pet medical checkups?

Los Angeles Veterinarian Dr. Barry Baum answers CenterSinaiAnimalHospital.com visitors' questions on pet health care. In this column, Dr. B answers question, right frequency for pet medical checkups?

Dear Dr. Baum —

We bring our little dog to see you when he needs his teeth cleaned (about once a year − he’s a Maltese poodle), but I feel that we should bring him in more often just for a checkup and to make sure he’s doing okay. My husband thinks I’m nuts, because he’s not exhibiting any real problems. Maybe I’m just a worry wort, but do you think it’s important to bring him in once a year or a checkup or only if we sense he has some problem. He’s our only “kid,” so he’s very well looked after by us and my husband works out of the home so he’s with Babe all day.

Dana, Los Angeles, CA

Dear Dana:

When discussing the right frequency for pet medical checkups, I always tell pet parents it is a good idea to have yearly checkups to catch any small problems before they become big problems. If everything is OK, at least you’ll have peace of mind.

Good Luck!!
Dr. B

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