At what age can I let my kitten outside safely? Part 2

'At what age can I let my kitten outside safely, part 2.' Dr. B discusses age, and possible perils of letting kitten outside, cat owner lives in Scotland

Dear Dr. Baum–

What age can I let my kitten outside safely? His name is Dusty.

Linda Hendry
Prestwick, Scotland

Dear Linda —

He can start going outside as soon as his vaccinations are completed. As an indoor/outdoor cat he should be tested for FELV / FIV viruses and then receive FVRCP/FeLV vaccines at 8, 12 and 16 weeks. Depending on the Rabies situation in your area, he could possibly need a Rabies vaccine at 4 months of age. But before letting him out, you should consider the perils that will be encountered — other cats, predators (animal and human) as well as automobiles. A rural environment is more conducive for a happy existence as an outdoor cat. The more that you create an interesting, fun environment in your house, the more content your kitty will be as an inside cat.

Good luck!
Dr. B

NOTE: For another take on the question, see also, At what age can I safely let my kitten out? From a kitten owner in the U.S.


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