Snakes need clean habitats…what you can do!

Snakes need clean habitats...what you can do to keep your serpent healthy and ssssmiling

Here are some tips on designing and maintaining habitats to keep your serpent healthy and ssssssmiling

Snakes are highly sssssusceptible to infection, and their houses have to be kept esssspecially clean, and free from bacteria. The salmonella bacteria, one that we humans are also prone to catch, is just one tiny critter that could threaten your snake’s health unless you take easy but important precautions.

This means cleaning out the poop regularly, along with very careful disinfecting on a regular basis.

The article you will find on the link below gives you de-tails on proper serpent habitat cleaning equipment, and steps to take to keep your slithery friends safe and comfortable in your home.

Safe Snake Habitat Habits

Our thanks to the folks at Dr. Fosters & Smith, and the author of the article, Holly Nash, DVM, MS, for sharing this very helpful information on snake care.


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