My senior cat waking meowing and upset every three hours

'My senior cat waking meowing and upset every three hours.' Dr. Barry Baum, Center-Sinai Animal Hospital, L.A. discusses possible physical and mental causes, recommends type of testing to diagnose and treat.

Dear Dr. Baum —

My cat is approximately 15 years old. She is showing weird symptoms — cat waking meowing and upset every three hours, approximately, throughout the night, and seems to be irritated throughout this time. Thanks much!


Dear Tracey —

There could be physical problems or mental problems that can produce these symptoms. Senility or disorientation may be a root cause. Physical conditions such as hyperthyroidism, high blood pressure, poor eyesight or hearing or arthritic discomfort can all play a part.

Have him examined and run a blood panel with a urine analysis for starters.

Dr. B

NOTE: For more information on senior pets and how to take good care of our furry friends as they get older, see the Signs of Aging in our Pets and What to Do about It, by Dr. B


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