My gecko is dragging his injured leg

My gecko is dragging his injured leg...Dr. Baum talks about whether amputation is the only way to treat the gecko's problem

Should it be amputated? It gets in his way.

Dear Dr. Baum —

Hello, Dr. B. My gecko is dragging his injured leg. He’s a Leopard Gecko, whose leg has been broken for sometime (we inherited him). He walks on his wrist stub with the rest dragging. Should we have the dragging piece cut off? It has gotten in his way a few times that I have seen.

What do you suggest?

Clarissa, Grenada Hills, CA

Dear Clarissa:

The decision to amputate his limb would depend on several factors. Is the damaged limb hindering his ability to get around? Is the dragging of the limb causing further damage to the limb? You mentioned that it “gotten in his way” several times. Over what period of time does this cover — several times a day? a week? a month? The severity of the problem should dictate the extent of the therapy. A physical examination in conjunction with answers to the above questions would be the best first step.

Dr. B


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