My Boa Is Itchy, And So Am I!

Dr. Baum, Chief of Staff, Center-Sinai Animal Hospital, L.A., advises on cause and treatment of snake owner's problem, My boa is itchy, and so am I.

Dear Dr. Baum —

Well, my boa is itchy. I have a red tail boa. and ever since I got it, my room has been feeling itchy. Also, sometimes I see him and he looks like he has tiny little bugs on him. What should I do? Is something wrong with him?

Jacob Castro
Los Angeles, CA

Dear Jacob:

He probably has mites. You can try rubbing him with mineral oil. Repeat this process in a week. If that isn’t successful, buy a no-pest strip and put it on the screen covering his aquarium for 24 hours. These pests will usually not live off the host but to relieve your paranoia you can set off foggers in the room or house.

Good Luck!!
Dr. B


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