My kitty is coughing more and more, and throwing up.

Dear Dr. Baum —

My cat (age 13) has had a cough for a while now, getting progressively worse. It sounds wet, like mucus or some other fluid. If she coughs within three hours of eating, she throws up. Lately she has been throwing up several times a week. I’m worried about her, although she exhibits no ill effects otherwise. She’s as playful as ever, and eats like a horse. What’s wrong?

Thanks for your help!

Santa Rosa, CA

Dear Tim–

There are several possibilities. It is important that your cat be brought in for a physical examination. I would suspect that your cat may be suffering from bronchial asthma – a condition that can be triggered by allergies or infections. After your veterinarian performs a physical exam he or she will probably suggest taking a chest x-ray which should confirm the diagnosis.

Dr. Baum


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