Is ‘Small’ Bronchitis Related to the Heart in Dogs?

Is 'Small' bronchitis related to the heart in dogs asks Cocker Spaniel owner, Dr. Baum explains in this Ask Dr. B column on Center-Sinai Animal

Dear Dr. Baum —

My Cocker Spaniel, named “Carlo,” is a 9 year old dog…He coughs.

Doc. says that he has a “small” bronchitis because of extended heart (as seen on Rendtgen pic.), or is it vice-versa? He is also…a little bit…FAT.

Any therapy or second diagnostic opinion?

Can YOU HELP HIM, please, tell me…what to do?

Thanks a lot, best wishes and regards,

Skopje, Macedonia

Dear Margarita:

In answer to your question, is ‘Small’ Bronchitis related to the heart in dogs, in your case your Cocker Spaniel, a bronchitis is different from heart disease. A bronchitis is usually responsive to antibiotics. If the problem is inadequate pumping of the heart, a cough that is most evident at night or early in the morning is the primary symptom. The enlargement of the heart may just be a result of the heart working harder to make up for a heart murmur. If the cough is related to the heart, it will need to be treated with medicines to remove the fluid that has backed up in the lungs (diuretic like furosamide) and a medicine to improve the pumping action of the heart (enalapril). Hope this information helps.

Dr. B


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