Is It OK to Let Dog Pal Near Pregnant St. Bernard?

Is it OK to let dog pal near pregnant St. Bernard? In this Ask Dr. B column, Dr. Baum discusses whether or not pregnant dogs can be around their mates or pals before giving birth.

Part 1: Dear Dr. Baum :

I have two St Bernards. We have had them since they were pups and they get along great. But one is now pregnant and will deliver in early December, I read a lot about separating the pregnant one. Are the chances of them not getting along too great to risk? I can’t imagine keeping them apart. They really miss each other when they are separated, even for short periods of time.

Dear Angela:

There is no reason to separate them if the other dog is a male as long as the pregnant female is comfortable with the male’s presence. When my French Bulldog, Fessie, was pregnant, she allowed her husband, Gadi, to stay with her all the time. She even allowed him to sit in the whelping box with her!!

Part 2: Dear Dr. Baum —

I am sorry, I don’t think I made myself clear. My other Saint is a female. Do you think that makes a difference? Thanks again for your time.

Dear Angela:

It could. But the most important thing is the relationship between the two dogs and how they behave towards each other as the pregnancy continues. The pregnant female will let you know how she feels — look to her for guidance.

Thanks for your time,

Dr. B

For more info about dogs and pregnancy, check the article, “Dr. Baum’s guide to your dog’s pregnancy,” on our website:



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