How Do I Get My Dog to Stop Biting and Barking in the House?

Veterinarian Dr. Barry Baum, answers visitors' questions on pet health care. In this column, Dr. B addresses question, 'How do I get my dog to stop biting and barking in the house?

Dear Dr. Baum —

How do I get my dog to stop biting and also barking in the house?


Jake, Austin, Texas

Dear Jake–

There is no easy, simple answer for your dog’s problems. Consultation with your veterinarian is the first step in the remedial process. Most of these types of cases are treated with a combination of training (for both you and your dog) and anti-anxiety drugs. Intact male dogs will also benefit from neutering. Good luck, as this will be a gradual rehabilitative process and not an overnight cure.

Good Luck!!
Dr. B


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