German Shepherd dog breathing is very labored

'German Shepherd dog breathing is very labored, expecially when we walk.' Dr. Baum advises a trip to the vet, to check for conditions such as arthritis or heart issue.

My dog’s breathing is very labored especially when we’re walking. I’m worried … what should I do?

Dear Dr. Baum —

My German Shepherd dog’s breathing is very labored. He is slobbering badly, too. He is 2 years old. His name is Thunder-Gaylen. I need to know what to do. I don’t want to lose my pet. He keeps me company on long walks in the woods. Please help me!

Darla Young
Maud, Texas

Dear Darla:

Please take him to your doctor. Conditions causing these symptoms vary from arthritis, which would make walking very strenuous for him, to a heart condition, which may be the cause.

Good Luck!!
Dr. B


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