Frequently Asked Pre-Op Pet Care Questions

Los Angeles veterinarian Dr. Baum provides answers to FAQs on pet surgery in this pet health care article, 'Frequently Asked Pre-Op Pet Care Questions.'

Pet Health Care Questions by Dr. Baum

When people bring their pets for surgical or dental procedures requiring anesthesia, many questions can come up. A list of frequently asked questions on pre-op pet care is posted below.

What should I do prior to the procedure?

  • 1. No food after 10 PM – please remove all opportunities even if there are other pets in the same household.
  • 2. It is OK for water to be available until your departure to the animal hospital.
  • 3. Keep your indoor/outdoor cats in the house.
  • 4. Mark small skin growths that are to be removed, with white out or a felt marker so they may be readily located.

What if my pet is diabetic?

  • 1. Do not feed in the morning.
  • 2. Allow free access to water.
  • 3. Give ½ the regular dose of insulin.
  • 4. Upon check-in inform the hospital staff the time that the insulin was given.

What should I do if my pet is taking an oral medication?

  • 1. Give the medication as early as possible in the morning.
  • 2. If you need to give the medication in or with food- use the minimum amount possible.
  • 3. Upon check-in, inform the hospital staff the time that the medication was given.

We also welcome your calls pre-surgery. If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to contact the doctor who is performing the operation.

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Once your pet’s procedure is complete, you can also check Dr. B’s Post-Op Pet Care Tips.
Thank you for contacting us, and we wish your pet a very successful procedure and a speedy recovery, with behavior and spirit back to normal in no time. cat scratching chairNew: If you plan to bring your pet into Center-Sinai for surgery, now you can save yourself and your pet time and stress by using our online TimeSaver form.


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