For how long are blood tests good for dental work on cats?

For how long are blood tests good for dental work on cats? Dr. Baum answers pet dental care question. Check Center-Sinai Animal Hospital low cost clinics to save on your pet's dental care needs.

Dear Dr. Baum —

I brought my old lady (she’ll be 17 in May) in to you see you on Jan 23rd about her teeth. No abscesses. Whew! You ran the necessary blood tests to make sure she could be anesthetized. The results were fabulous! You advised that I not wait too long before having her teeth cleaned because she’d have to go through the costly blood tests all over again, etc.

My question is how much time is OK for waiting before she has to have the blood tests again?

Kisa & Spotty
Los Angeles, CA

Dear Kisa —

It would be best to do it within the next month, within 3 months of the blood tests.

Dr. B

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