Dr. B, What Can I Do for My Constipated Cat?

In this Ask Dr. B column, Dr. Baum provides an easy remedy to treat pet parent Joyce's constipated cat

Good morning, Dr. B —

Bubbles is definitely peeing, but her turds have been more like hard marbles lately, and this morning she seems not able to get them out. She tries, fails, and drags her butt on the rug.

I read a bit online and it looks like I definitely have a constipated cat. I want to give her vegetable oil…enough to help but not too much for her size. Any recommendations about amount? Will suck it ihttp://centersinaianimalhospital.com/pet-care-info/dr-b-what-can-i-do-for-my-constipated-cat/nto a syringe and try to give it orally if she won’t lap it up voluntarily. She hates Laxatone-type products, and isn’t willing to lick Vaseline off my finger.

Thanks in advance for your response.

Joyce, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Dear Joyce —

Vegetable oil will not lubricate—-it is absorbed by the intestinal wall. What you want to do is use mineral oil — about 1/2 teaspoon. It is tasteless, so either mix it with food or flavor it with salt if you give it directly (Flavor stimulates a swallowing reflex which avoids aspiration pneumonia.

Dr. B


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