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Are my Shih Tzu’s frequent dog licks normal?

Dear Dr. Baum — Just wondering what is the reason my Shih Tzu sometimes licks my legs and hands. And if I pick him up he licks my face. Is this OK? Are my Shih Tzu’s frequent dog licks normal? Marquetta, Houston,TX Dear Marquetta: He likes you! Or he likes your salty taste! Dr. B

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Are over the counter medicines OK for pets?

Dear Dr. Baum — I have a kitty that sneezes, coughs, vomits and has one infected eye. The sneezing started when I found him, his coughing had just occurred yesterday and vomiting followed after his cough this morning. His right eye was infected when I found him, my sister told me to use Terramycin to […]

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Ask Dr. B-Both Legs on my Leopard Gecko were broken!

Dear Dr. Baum — When I got up this morning, both legs on my leopard gecko were broken! What could have caused this, and what can I do? I see his legs are dragging. I just don’t know what could have caused him to break both his legs at the same time. He was just […]

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Birds-singing-moulting-fluffing and other health care tips

BY ANALISE SPIRA, our Emeritus veterinarian with special interest in avian care, and decades of experience Canaries are members of the finch family, and exist in both wild and domestic breeds. Singing: Like other birds who sing, canaries do so during mating season, which is spring. In southern California and other areas where spring temperatures […]

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My cat has matted fur. What should I do about it?

Irish mouser jumps ship. Do I need to worry? The lumps of matted fur seem to be bothering him lately Dear Dr. Baum — I adopted a cat that was left ashore about two years ago. I reckon he was one of those cats they have on the ships for the rats maybe, I don’t […]

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