At Center-Sinai Animal Hospital, our staff of dedicated veterinary professional treats your pets as if they were our own!

Meet more of our staff of pet-loving veterinary professionals.

At CSAH, we love animals! Our staff are all dedicated to providing expert pet care, in a warm environment, so pet parents can feel as confident and cared for as their pets!

Our Front Desk Staff

  • Our staff loves animals just like you do! Aby, receptionist, pictured with puppy Hercules



  • Receptionist Rebecca



  • The smile tells a lot about Roxanne - Receptionist Center-Sinai Animal Hospital. Her buoyant personality lifts up everyone she sees, whether 2 or 4-legged.



  • Long-time member of our staff, Carmen - Receptionist Center-Sinai Animal Hospital, delights pets & pet parents. She's knowledgeable, friendly, loves pets!



  • Pictured with gorgeous Scottie Dog, Daniel Sanchez - Receptionist at CSAH, was Kennel Manager formerly, then decided he'd like to work with pet parents as well as pets.

    Daniel Sanchez


  • Emily - Center-Sinai Office and Reception Manager, has a smile for pets, pet parents, & staff even when fur flies. No wonder Em's been with Dr. B for years.


    Office and Reception Manager

  • Bea - cat mom, pet lover & highly skilled member of our staff at Center-Sinai Animal Hospital. Wonderful receptionist for years, Bea's Inventory Manager now.


    Inventory Manager

  • Luis C is one of our top friendly receptionists at Center-Sinai Animal Hospital


    Receptionist and Veterinary Assistant

  • Receptionist Amanda shines in a video where Dr. B and son Gadi, regal French Bulldog, prove that a trip to the vet at Center-Sinai is actually a dog treat.



  • Christina


Our Veterinary Assistants

  • We offer weekly specials on dental care every Thursday, and Tuesdays as well during Pet Dental health Month every February. Our staff will aslo be happy to help you learn tricks for good pet dental care at home.


    Veterinary Assistant

  • Meet our dedicated staff at Center-Sinai Animal Hospital! This is Samantha, Veterirnary Assistant, and pussycat visitory working with pussycatAssistant


    Veterinary Assistant

  • Meet Yesenia - our dedicated veterinary staff member at Center-Sinai Animal Hospital. Receptionist Yesenia loves working with people. Pet lover Yesenia is also a Kennel Attendant.


    Veterinary Assistant

  • Meet our dedicated staff at Center-Sinai Animal Hospital! This is Jose, Veterirnary Assistant, working with doggy visitor


    Veterinary Assistant and Kennel Manager

  • Bobbie, Center-Sinai-Animal-Hospital Veterinary Assistants Manager, working-with doggie, - tick bite highlighted


    RVT Veterinary Assistants Manager

  • James

    Veterinary Assistant

  • Robert

    Veterinary Assistant

  • Meet a member of our dedicated veterinary staff- Jennifer - Kennel Attendant & Vet Assistant, with doggy friend. Jennie loves animals, switching hats to do both jobs at Center-Sinai Animal Hospital.


    Veterinary Assistant

  • Eddie

    Veterinary Assistant

  • Jose

    Veterinary Assistant

  • Eloisa

    Veterinary Assistant

Our Groomers

Our Kennel Staff

  • Meet pet lover Isaac - Kennel Attendant Center-Sinai Animal Hospital. He and Stella Dog walked, exploring trees, grass near the L.A.-based veterinary center.


    Kennel Attendant

  • Nick

    Kennel Attendant and Veterinary Assistant

  • Romeo

    Kennel Attendant and Receptionist

  • Roberto

    Kennel Attendant