Dr. Baum examines dog, to determine whether pet surgery is needed at Center-Sinai Animal Hospital in Los Angeles

Making Pet Surgery Less Stressful for Pets and Their Humans at Center-Sinai Animal Hospital in Los Angeles

Do you need to bring your furry family member in to Center-Sinai Animal Hospital for pet surgery, or dental surgical procedures that require sedation? We know it is always unsettling when our pet family members need to have surgical procedures performed, so we designed our TimeSaver forms to help relieve some of the stress for our pet parents.

Once you have discussed the procedure with your veterinarian and set up a date and time, just fill in the questions on this form and submit it to us.  Then when you come in with your pet on the appointed day, you won’t have to take time and energy to do paperwork. You can devote your attention to your furry, feathered or slithery friend.

You might also find it valuable to prepare yourself and your pet ahead of time by reading Dr. Baum’s article on frequently asked questions. For pre-op questions, please check our Pre-Op FAQs. To be prepared for your pet’s after surgery needs, Dr. B’s article on post-op FAQs will also come in handy.