Testimonial to staff of Center-Sinai Animal Hospital, for treatment of Maximus, a wonderful German Shepherd, from his dad, Prashant Narayanan.

Eulogy for a Wonderful German Shepherd

Maximus, Born June 28, 2003, Died March 10, 2016.

Dear Max,

Rest in Peace. You were an animal, dog only on paper. You were a brother, kid , larger than life personality to me. Your heart and spirit was kinder and loyal and I shall never forget your kind eyes when we spoke to each other.

Enjoy this arrangement as part of your journey and going away party. Your friends and caretaker at the animal hospital sent you this flower to remember you.

I still have one more final moment to spend with you and hug you and cry with you and wish you goodbye. Tomorrow, Saturday March 12th 1500 hours, I shall be having a private cremation for you. have arranged for your paw prints to be molded in ceramic so that till I stay behind on this planet everyone in our worlds will know about you and how awesome you were. And then one final act, we spent our last years together in LA, so that’s where your final resting place shall be and your journey to doggy heaven shall begin, as I shall spread your ashes into the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Once again, thank you for being a huge part of my life. You’ll be missed till I spend my last day on this planet. You made me a better person, you saved my life. A lot of people even including random strangers who saw you on the street taking a walk were in awe of your magnificent looks and demeanor, and all your friends and family will miss you as well. People from all over the world have watched you grow over the years and were present right here even when you breathed your last. You have been showered by their love and blessings, you have watched my back for 13 years, never gave up on me. I know you’re not physically around but in spirits you’ll always be with me. You are a german shepherd, one of the most loyal of ALL dog breeds, do not stop watching my back. Do not give up on me because I won’t ever give up on you either. We will meet again, I know that for sure. Make some new friends, go run and play with them, and you might have to wait a bit longer for me to come but I will come to you one day and we are going to celebrate our time again together. Every time i have a slice of pizza, I am going to miss sharing the crust with You. I remember every time, all 13 years, no matter what you were doing, where you were hanging out in the house, each time i ordered pizza and got myself couple of slices, you would come and gently sit next to me and patiently wait for me to share the crust with You. I guess You really loved pizza smile emoticon, and i wish i could have shared a slice with you before you left.

I’ve done a lot of things in my life, some good, some maybe not so much, but the best thing I ever did was have you in my life. Please forgive me if I had scolded you or raised my voice at you, as part of our training or reinforcing the rules, but I have nothing but unequivocal love for you. And I know even after all that, you had unconditional love for me. I hope and pray that you’re up there watching me and know that I’ve tried my best to give you the best life anyone can. And when my time comes and I’m judged for my deeds, I hope that my reward is to have you again and us be together.

I can type pages and pages about you, honestly words cannot express the pain I’m going through and how big of an irreplaceable void you have left in my life. I don’t know where I’m going to find the strength and courage to get through this, if I ever will or not. So once you’re tired of playing with other puppies in heaven and want to relax, come and spend time with me in spirits.

Thank You once again. What started off as a journey of a young guy in early 20s and a small 7 week old puppy has led to a grown man and his old grey bearded four legged partner. A whole generation of family grew up, people got married, kids were born, all this happened during this long journey we have shared. This has been one amazing ride, it absolutely sucks that it had to end this week as I had more plans for us. But I saw you speak to me one last time. I know you are at peace as you left us, I won’t lie, I’m not at peace. Maybe I’ll heal with time but I’ll find peace when we meet again. Until then I have to take this one day one hour one minute at a time and celebrate your life and cope with it.

So long, my friend. I wasn’t lying when every time, every day I put my palm on your forehead and said “God Bless You.” You’re blessed and have gone to a much better place now. Safe travels. And until we meet again….With lots of love for your smile 🙂

And on behalf of Max, I would like to sincerely thank ALL the members of Center Sinai. Dr. Williams, Dr. Baum and every other doctor, every single vet tech, and front office staff, who weighed him, gave him shots, fed him, every single person in the kennel, every single member of grooming from the bottom of my heart for taking amazing care of him EACH TIME Max stopped by for a visit. I do not know the final diagnosis, but as we left LA for Salt Lake City, Max’s physical condition had deteriorated severely, like a neurological breakdown, rendering him unable to stand or walk. We tried our best at one of the best local animal hospitals and on Wednesday night he spoke to me and said he is at peace. Thursday afternoon he crashed and was kept on life support so that i could spend his final moments with him, and as he lay on my lap I tried to live 13 years of my life in those final moments. Once again. Thank You. I shall stop by to see you all again soon, unfortunately without Max this time…..

Submitted to us by Max’s dad, Prashant from Los Angeles


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