In Memorium… Robby , who lived with us until 1:30 AM, Sept. 18, 2008

When I got home, after Robby was put to sleep because he had had a heart attack, had suffered long enough and had a poor chance of recovery, sorrow dictated the following tribute to my dog:

One tiny dog leaves with a huge impression of loss.

Robby, you were always a sweet loving friend. Always focused on giving love and cuddles. That and meat and cheese were your only desires. When you were young you would run like crazy and roll in the grass. You never dreamed of hurting someone, you were so gentle and cute. Once we thought you had attacked a baby cat, and I gave you a spanking. It turned out that that cat had fallen from the 12th floor into your garden, and that all you did was to give us the alert that saved that cat’s life.

The second half of your life was tough but you took it stoically. First, with the arrivals of our children, you had to learn to share our love. They loved you and you loved them back, in spite of the pestering and sometime their indelicate handling of your soft fur. Then you had those terrible pains in your back that made you cry in pain. Fortunately after months of torture, your spine calcified and the pain became apparently more bearable. Also for about a year I would get upset with you because you stopped listening to me on our long walks. How did I not realize any sooner that you were growing deaf? Again I am sorry for treating you wrong.

Robby, you are an inspiration, I must learn to be more like you, not to bite but to trust, forgive and give love. You were with me, on my lap most of the time, through some stormy weather, giving me the force to move on. I love you and am glad to have had a chance to give back during these last few months. Last night your heart went into failure, and of all things, if something was going to kill you, that had to.

At the animal hospital at 1.38 am this September 18th, 2008, you went peacefully as I held you on my lap, where you have sat for the last 12 years or so. I miss you so much. My eyes overflow; I can’t speak. It is going to be difficult to continue without you, to sleep without you, so in the middle of the night I write this little homage to my best friend ever, my dear Robby.

We will all miss you.

Thank you Doctor Baum and your team for helping keep Robby in a relatively good shape this past year.

Yours sincerely,



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