In Memorium Earl Grey, photo taken Jan., 2005

Eulogy to Earl Grey, Beloved Cat

Our beloved cat, Earl Grey, passed away November 26, 2007, at home peacefully due to kidney failure. He was almost 20 years old.

We were very lucky that he adopted us many years ago and he was a delight, friendly to all, and will be greatly missed.

Dr. Baum of Center Sinai Animal Hospital kept him in good shape, even through his kidney problems, so much longer than anyone could have asked.

Dr. Baum and the staff at the hospital have always been so supportive and could not have been more caring and helpful in Earl Grey’s last days.

I have been witness to so many “miracles” from Dr. Baum with a few of my cats over the years ( approximately 27 years), and am always amazed at his positive attitude and compassion, not only the animals but also with the pet owners.

Endless thanks to Dr. Baum and staff.

Margaret Cox & Al Schepps


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